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About Me

  • I am a dedicated software developer with a passion for crafting innovative, user-centric solutions. With a knack for fast learning and robust problem-solving abilities, I possess a proven track record of successfully leading and delivering complex projects within deadlines.
  • Adept at effective communication and collaboration, I thrive as a team player. My portfolio includes various personal projects spanning web applications and machine learning endeavors.
  • As a former member of IIT Madras clubs, I contributed to diverse team projects, honing my skills across different programming languages and frameworks, including Python, C++, and JavaScript, in both frontend and backend development.
  • Driven by a strong work ethic and results-oriented mindset, I am eager to leverage my expertise in a new challenge where I can drive meaningful impact. I am enthusiastic about the opportunity to join a team equally passionate about building exceptional products.


Institute WebOps and MobOps, IIT Madras


Responsible for coordinating the work with seven coordinators in completing projects & assignments. Completing the group tasks with seven project members while learning new technologies. Moreover, managing insti websites and organising backend web services for their backend activities.

International and Alumni Relations Student Council, IIT Madras


Coordinating the work with seven people of Web-Operations in completing assignments with latest technologies. Worked on real-world projects & tasks after successful completion of assignments. Working on different IAR projects of other vertices for their requirements accordingly.


Indian Institute of Technology, Madras (B.Tech)

2021 - 2025

Bachelor of Naval Architechture and Ocean Engineering

Allen Career Institute, Jaipur

2020 - 2021

IIT-JEE Advanced


Vijay Paramita Website (Fullstack Project)

A fully functional website from frontend to backend. A web project collaborated with PVE, published under marketing of Sindhuja-I.

HTML5 | Bootstrap5 | JavaScript | EJS View Engine| Node JS

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My Journal App

Web application to write blogs with miniman frontend design, temporarily stores blogs locally on your device until you clear cache.

HTML5 | CSS | JavaScript | EJS View Engine| Node JS

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To-Do List (Backend Project)

This is a To Do List, a backend focused project with beautiful frontend. You can add todo's by clicking on '+' icon and mark them as completed as well.

HTML5 | Bootstrap5 | JavaScript | EJS View Engine| Node JS

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GitHub Repository

Newsletter Signup (Backend Project)

A simple Newsletter-Signup page, backed by Mailchimp API. After signing up successfully, you will get redirected to success page. In case of any error, you will get redirected to failure page .

HTML5 | Bootstrap5 | JavaScript | API | Node JS | Mailchimp

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Drum Kit (Frontend Project)

A drum kit that allows the user to play a variety of sounds and rhythms. You can either use keyboard or clicks to interact with them.

HTML5 | CSS3 | JavaScript & DOM Manipulation

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Simon Game (Frontend Project)

This is a quite populer memory based game played with friends. You should click on the blinked colours in order to level up.

HTML5 | CSS3 | JavaScript(jQuery) & DOM Manipulation

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ML Projects

You can checkout the all the ML projects! Here is the Projects Repository!

  • Basic ML Projects
  • Deep Learning Projedcts
  • Advanced Projects

Tensorflow | Keras

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